Friday, September 9, 2011

Anti-Deception as Market

Technology assisted version is not ready for prime time?

"The idea is to develop the market that opposes deception. Instead of detailing why there should be such a market, assume that there is and verify."

"But you have already done that to some degree."

"True, but growing it in a sustainable way will require better messaging. A tool that is used often for propagating deception can also work for the counter-market it creates. One could argue that in the primitive need category of security, messaging has been applied but to a very limited social degree. The means now exist to address its logical extension."

"Should we call it Market Symmetry then?" Of the bilateral type he thought. "We have a nearly perfect test case that is arguably, important to the entire world economy. To use the best resources available for this task (global interactive communications) is to manifest friendly on a scale heretofore technologically impossible."

Kicked upstairs, a 'retired' CEO tuned in to the new trend like few others that did not pioneer it. He used the word, "identity" to describe what others call social technology. We have yet to discover the nuanced structure of the ancient art of social. The misnomers describing experiments to mimic friendly in the networked world speak volumes. It is the "tip of the iceberg" that we as a society have touched upon.

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