Friday, October 29, 2010

Breaking Ground

"In these sessions, our goal is to familiarize non-technical designers with enough hi-level understanding of system constraints and opportunities to dramatically improve the interdisciplinary creative pipe. We encourage a robust ongoing dialog between technical and theoretical design teams so as to learn more about bridging the necessary expertise. Because our effort will require breaking a lot of new ground, we are making it explicit, if you see an opportunity to improve communications do what you have to get it on the agenda ASAP.

"The maintenance of Identity Group Integrity (IGI) as defined, is prime."

Not ambiguous, he thought. Yet this aspect of the vision had disclosure sensitivity implications. The idea of secrecy, antithetical to the very thing they were trying to create. The Dalles study then Maiden. In both cases the limited disclosure duration was relatively short. Did this mean they needed to all but re-invent IGI on a frequent basis? Given its primacy, they just would if they had to. A daunting prospect.

"User control.", as she pointed at the icon.

"That's our mantra.", he echoed. "For example: North Pole - Inclusive, South - Exclusive."

Double Helix

The relevant vendor actions of the time pointed to the need to update identity related reliability commensurate with the rapid connection scaling.

Make stuff? Make flexible, programmable stuff. Reward appropriate parties for doing so. Reject antiquated measurement systems but only after adequate empirical testing of their replacement. A careful balance of outlier class and mainstream creativity. Spend as much time as it takes to reverse engineer existing capability. Even if, nay especially if, it is not man-made.

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