Thursday, October 7, 2010

Event Horizon

"Catch the wind, creativity near the storm (perhaps in its eye).  Ride it at the cusps. Confluence of Opportunity.", the pre-coherent nature of this display obvious to most, perhaps all, in the room.


"As a starting point let us set an arbitrary line of demarcation somewhere near the middle of the continuum. On the left side of it is the transaction population that is mostly emergent. On the right, mostly predictable and read only (owing to measurable, invariant, often subtle, rhythms. )

"If too far to the left, you might as well be throwing dice and betting against the house. Too far to the right, your free will does not significantly contribute to the outcome."

What remains? Harvest the power of patience and mindfulnes at their union. One could say, capture the 'middle path'.

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