Saturday, October 9, 2010

steppe Uranium

"… revisit the means to express gratitude given the much higher circulation."

A big part of the successful scaling effort due to the acknowledgement mechanism. Its informality is now overwhelmed. The first task, engage the machine because it has been the vetting mechanism. A counter-intuitive thought at first. Even though it played a large role, it was still somewhat difficult to imagine, "rapport with a machine (even this one)."

She called up the slide for all to see showing a proposed priming set:

Happy Valley

"Do not engage, courteously paraphrase the 'message'. Suggest any ill effects are due to corruption in those that disagree. Repeat a fabrication enough times that it becomes a pseudo history. Utilize a plethora of manipulation channels to dilute or avoid detection. Push for efficiency to the point of being at slight risk of underfunding and no more.

Alternate between courtesy and ranting. Using the former when able to frame the discussion, the latter to avoid compromise.

Remember, a majority is not necessary.  Only unity and enough cash is required. Externalize costs wherever possible, especially with regard to risk. Demonize interactivity below the threshold. Focus mass attention on anecdotes that serve the interests of command and control. Seek cover in lightly populated areas."

"Where did that come from?"

"We don't know yet."

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