Friday, October 15, 2010

Easier (for the busy folk)?

When you want to navigate to something on the internet, the old way was to go to the URL (Example: The new way is to search for things you remember by googling. CLICK THIS to see what I mean. You type what comes to mind into an internet search engine.

Answer to that which plagues the USA political process? Well, yes, at least in part. Why do I say this?

For the last year I have been hard at work in an attempt to understand just what it means to have something as lifelike as today's internet available to such a large percentage of the earth's population.

Humor is friendly.
Recently, I discovered what many others already knew, there is an abundance of natural 'knowledge' that can be harvested for our artifact design. And much of it is in the machine soup that is talked about here. The most lifelike of our artifacts are the ones that mimic the human cognition model.

Home is familiar. So when a friend comes to visit, communications is enhanced because home is frequently one's friendliest place. There is implicit trust in this venue.

If government feels like home to its constituents, it is likely to be successful. Friendly is natural. Our artifacts can be natural and friendly. Government is an artifact that can help us organize in friendly ways. But only if it is us, not them.

A government that includes all of us, where there is virtually no 'them' is a very friendly government indeed.

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