Monday, October 11, 2010

Prime Time

"At this point in time we imagine the optimal implementation would support, among other things, the following:

The Roll Out
• Global Reach
• Pure Mission: Individual Empowerment through simple, transparent organization that supports appropriate privacy for members as individuals.
• Competes with other organizations with similar structure based only on the mission by the members through there self-governance protocol as amended."

These snippets agreed with the others the machine offered. A deep understanding of identity integrity as a key organizing assumption resulted from the clear articulation of principles. The progression was now rendering in more clarifying detail to him. There was no apparent need to embellish it for the others, the desirable long-term recallable threads were being verified as the day progressed.

He turned to her in case there was something he had missed, "Rather detailed. There was considerable momentum at this point?"

"Yes. Though they discovered a few other minor things afterwords, they were committed to go with what they had, if necessary.

"It might be useful to recall the dialog which summarized the successful smaller venue testing that preceded it."

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