Friday, October 22, 2010

Mommy Nature knows.

idC = identityCollective = id(DNA) * N;
Thrive = d idC / dt

idAmigo, a descriptive working title.

Go Mommy!

"Lets run with it without the benefit of the history that follows."

"Model uploaded. Edits have already begun.", she smiled in acknowledement.

Building a brand for and by compassionate reasoned people. Tibetan Buddhism on steroids. So this is why the Dalai Lama matters, Robert Thurman? "It is why I go there everyday ..."

"Diversity requires the unique and there is a natural bridge. We are well advised to study it. Reduce it to its essence. Translate to the new medium. Update appropriately.

"When first recorded, it is rough, difficult for anyone but the author to follow. In time it is honed into something more accessible. Only to a limited degree though. So as to preserve its sequential significance."

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