Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Sunset Part

Rewarding an individual with generic power often results in dilution of her/his self-awareness. The ultimate power tool is cash. In the beginning a new tool is useful because it reduces tedium, inefficiency and a host of other barriers to optimal output. When that tool has reached a maximum efficacy, important changes  to the mechanisms that propelled it to success are called for.  Many contributing subsystems became self-perpetuating in the interest of quickest assent not anticipating the time when their useful roll would diminish our disappear.

Appropriate Caution

And so it is with industrial capacity without the wisdom to gracefully exit in support of its host. The same can be said for artifact manufacturing. But that is for a different discussion.

"For this I suggest, for lack of a better working title, 'cultivate the knowing'. If we honor the highly refined model immediately at hand, we see that this issue has presented itself many times, in many places, at many scales. 

Discover successful organic relationships  in a general form from the historical model.

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