Thursday, October 7, 2010


Switching between various perspectives and playing back the progression over the critical 11 hours …

There was something there, they could feel it. But how does one describe it? The problem is the seemingly disconnected instances of unrelated scenarios. Just as they were about to table the discussion she raised a finger and said, "Continuity. Remembering, I am guessing, that one thread common to all the scenes in one form or another over the period."

Slept On It

The new analysis tool revealed so much that it took more than a month to understand just what was relevant. Achieving a reasonable balance of targeting the two soup domains, dependent in no small part on application of this powerful but unfamiliar analysis utility.

What did continuity have to do with the chatter whose level had become a high priority? It felt like the weather on one of those autumn transition days. The forecast is that we are about to experience something ... unpredictable.

"You are aware that some are asking more questions about your identity?"

"Yes, I expected that would happen but, frankly, I was surprised it occurred only a year into the project. Perhaps something overlooked in the uniqueness marker routines?" 

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