Sunday, October 24, 2010

Define Rich

In the eyes of a rich and lonely person I saw something of a person I once was. Keeping up with a standard that serves someone else. Supporting others who make a stable living catering to yet others that feel entitled to luxury (and how many of them lonely too?)

Even Better?
Best investment of all? Survival of losing an extraordinary capacity to subsidize artificial 'happiness'. It took very little of the universal means of exchange (or what passes for it). No, it was retreating en masse at the time. At the top of the hill in an armchair watching the consequences of abandoning the most precious of long term assets. A living breathing slow-motion tragedy, recalled in a chance encounter with one of its emblematic players.

Legend of many a tale. Bares re-telling. Few will benefit greatly, I am sorry to say. Familiar theme. The story to be understood long after this biggest assignment? Her lights coming on from a pilot flame each of us knows. It will appear as magic only because depth is earned and it takes time to see that it can be no other way.

You know the drill, come back later ...

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