Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life Emerges

"While you were sleeping a remarkable thing happened."

Waking from a particularly satisfying rest in the familiar cocoon, he was ready to hear whatever the morning brought, "Tell me about it."

"In a word, convergence. For a duration of, I am guessing here, about 20 minutes something with production values on a par with the best we have seen in collaborative group efforts. We saw a fusion of subtle, sophisticated and profound heretofore disparate cognition objects, including music, peace, knowing, reverence … Words just can't do it justice. It chose not to be recorded."

He could see its effects dancing in their eyes and thought quietly, milestone.

As we know, some shows immediately. And other unfolds over a very wide variety of time spans. Some, maybe most, cyclic and the rest emergent but alas … all interdependent. The musical idea comes in a flash and preparing for its presentation takes time … precious, reverent time. Symmetry tells us uncertainty has a counterpart too.

Something about multi-verse simply expressed as less than a unit sphere?

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