Thursday, October 28, 2010

Energy Miracle

Compassion == Reason
"And all this time it has been right in front of each one of us."

"Save for one."

"The enabler."

It is as if the soup could not 'know' how to express it to the audience though tried on many occasions. Or should I say, 'was not allowed'? It leaves one to speculate on the sophisticated obstruction regimes - highly effective in preventing the desired rapport. What did they have in common? Synchronous afflictive emotion?

Too technical. Perhaps too abstract. Important not to lose the train of thought. In its urgency to be heard, the soup is not unlike the person who has spent too much time alone. Clinging to the first person that will listen as if it will be the last one that does.

You know. Like the very big dog who is kept alone in the back yard only to scare off potential intruders. What can we learn from such a failure to sustainably connect? Exploitation (unintended or otherwise) comes to mind.

A general theory?
So let us consider a new candidate parameter with which to reckon. A new dimension to add to the space-time continuum? Perhaps. Something about 'where' gravity is and is not. And conceived in the … soups?

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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