Monday, October 18, 2010


"I am struggling to express this stuff."

"How so."

"Too much of the subject matter uses, to my mind, lightning rod terminology.  I find myself interrupting my train of thought mid-sentence. Even the frustration is hard to describe. I am … angry. Yet unable to describe why."

Unseen Signals
"All by someone else's design?"

"What? … maybe you should tell me where you are going with this."

"I am not sure, myself. Watching you try to do this gave my the impression that somebody wanted to divert your attention with little chance of being detected."

At that point he knew her intuition was onto something important. He took a deep breath and thought, this 'log jam' may in fact be intentional.

"Soup alert or the competition? Or perhaps even both?", he asked, not expecting an immediate answer.

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