Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watch this.

It is actually a very elegant concept, 'engage with natural language, the language and its users get better'. What follows is a short example of just how this might work. Your feedback is vigorously encouraged.

In Pictures
• The goal is to demonstrate just how fast a good idea for humanity can turn into something sustainable that scales quickly by using what a beautiful organization calls 'organic'. 

• Develop credibility with said organization by understanding why it has experienced unprecedented growth in a few short years through inclusion rather than exclusion.

• Use their products to efficiently support the friendly mission.

• Ask a select group of people to Google with the quotes: "if not anger, then what, Buzz?" Point out that if they copy it from here and paste it into Google it will be easier and likely more effective. Then click on the result.

• Suggest to each member of the group: 'You are welcome to propagate the concept as you feel appropriate.'

• Use a free online tool (by guess who?), to see what happens.

• Modify plan accordingly with a view to healthy long-term growth.

• Repeat.

Piece of Your Wisdom
Another example, substitute the following (with quotes) in your Google search using the steps above: "vote with your wisdom, not your anger".

As you will soon see, the more you use the latest innovations in communications and cognition, the more friendly the world becomes ... Really.

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