Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pacific Link

"As we see it, there are two big reasons for certain players to inhibit self-organizing communication. 1) It is antithetical to command and control 2) the perceived damage caused by early experiments invoked primitive defenses not easily overridden by updated reasoning.

"The milestone explains, in part, the three layer architecture of the command/control model. When survival is the issue, building a consensus is not encumbered with checks and balances outside the mission.

"In relative peace, life trends toward robust diversity. No surprise, life is sustainable change. 

"Many have pointed out that our job as adaptable agents is to find the easiest path to productive differentiation. From a lesser perspective, we are lazy. From a efficacy perspective, we conserve resources for future change because they are finite."

What Relationship?
A year ago, at the project's beginning it was rare to see system messages of this length. The change was gradual and she knew that none of the crew had made special note of the trend.  In some ways, it was expected. She called up the Japan, Korea map, and asked, "How would this be viewed by a person from say, Kyoto?"

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