Saturday, October 16, 2010


"The Human Artifact Divide? What about that perplexing question of a inexplicable disconnect between a logical argument and a corresponding visceral rebellion?"

"There also was little dialog included at the time as well."

Deep Adjacent
For the last few days the data was … just confusing. High probability they were looking at a multi-factorial problem. He wondered if they were chasing a rabbit. Things were not as they appeared. Analytically the numerical data would indicate a reversal of the growth trend of the last several weeks.

A recovery was underway, but it was somewhat anemic. The action seemed concentrated in the last two to three weeks but its large roots could go deeper.

Though the idea of obscured value applied nearly everywhere, it was particularly interesting in the case of high expectation outcome. Did subtle rhythms empower it? Or, did they result from it? Is their causal relationship? Does it matter.

That last series of questions, in some sense, nearly answered themselves. QED?

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