Saturday, June 11, 2011

... can afford to be patient.

"Overplayed their hand, did they?"

"Probably to early to be sure. Late acting cells and a lot of chest beating. How much of it is diversionary is still under assessment. In any case, the walls have ears."

To what degree should they be relying on the back channel now? He was less than comfortable learning about the split loyalty that compromised their last roll-out. It is one thing to assume complex trust relationships, it is another when misplaced trust undermines the fundamental mission.

This is as important a time related issue as they had addressed since inception. Flexible foundation is a very tall order, indeed. A date over a decade ago may be critical, he thought. The current response to what happened on that day gives whole new meaning to the concept of institutional trust.

"Someone actually expressed a yearning for a return to the days when the term 'most trusted' was widely revered. Meanwhile, foreign sources are filling the vacuum created by the transnational private takeover of 'the press'."

"That date on the map, November 27, 2000. I think it is time to drill down. We have the transcript?"

"Over here." She pointed at a different screen.

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