Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In The Dark

I trust you.
"Now you know that this has been happening at an accelerating rate for some time without your knowledge. Is that a good thing? I think not.

"Identity belongs to us. Not the bank, not the government, not the military not China, not Singapore, not Energy or Financial players ... No, us individual humans. I thought YOU should know."

'If they knew, they could hurt me (or us).', the standard privacy rationale. But it is there nefarious privacy they are trying to enhance. The more afraid the public is the less attention they can give to sophisticated obfuscation of exploitive interests.

"At some point this all becomes overwhelming. Can't I just sit back and enjoy my stuff? The problem is I never have enough stuff. I like stuff. I don't really have very much time for friends, between acquiring and enjoying stuff.  If I just had some more money so that I could get stuff faster. That might free up some time. Problem is I run out of space for my stuff and need a bigger place to keep it. Then I need more money. Sometimes I need to relax and just enjoy stuff I already have. Who has time for people?

"And don't get me started on keeping my stuff safe. Just as I finally have the safest thing available to protect my stuff, some clown has figured out how to get around it. I just need to relax. Stuff will help. No time for people. High maintenance. Stuff is too but I've been told its less trouble than people.

"You know what is wrong with this world? Too many people. Seven billion, way too many. Pretty soon I won't have room for my stuff. Then how will I relax? Now I can't reach the light switch, there is stuff in the way. How am I supposed to see my stuff if it is dark in here?"

When peoples' communications is the only light left, things will change. Really, change. I am pretty sure.

© 2011 Buzz Hill