Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"The formula is based on light. Know what we mean by the term.

In a cacophony of news channel noise.
"Only connections generate the 'photons' by which we see. Revere the connections and watch what happens."

"Other wavelengths matter of course. But the visible ones (or nearly so) tell us a lot about this corner of the universe. If we get these right we will start to understand what makes life work and sustainable (same thing)."

The talkers will focus on events in the speech that they are used to controlling. The  subtle and profound 'nation building at home' is the strategic message that is arguably most important.

Gaining traction in places across the planet's surface and now, just above the artificial noise, here. Ironic that the country that hosted the enabling technology is just now benefiting from its world wide success. There is an explanation, of course.

Light is how you see it.
Light's greatest foe, has the most battlefield experience in "The Land of the Free". You see, light cannot be extinguished, only redirected and absorbed to mimic darkness. Further, such effort is constantly shifting as the light seeks to be free to illuminate.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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