Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rag Chew

"If you don't mind, I'll just get my notes into the log and clean them up, in place. We can be interactive during the process." Though they had been doing this for some time now, he felt it important to remind, especially the newcomers, why.

Back decades ago, certain amateur radio activity was a conversation of sorts where two parties communicating would each transmit long messages taking turns. When it worked, it allowed new contacts to tune in to at least one of the parties in an ongoing conversation. The constraints of the medium and the technology powerfully influenced the content.

In the age of instant worldwide asynchronous signaling, smoke signal protocols don't make much sense. Yet analog's habits form that can throttle down the potential of communications' breakthroughs until they are broken.

Such is the rationale for taking a strategic look at the way we share information. An important element of the field is to identify how the human ego can both intentionally and inadvertently disrupt the process. When organized to do so, major suffering for some ensues.

"I am too busy to spend time learning how to make more time. I barely keep up as it is. You HAVE to listen because time is running out. Especially the part where I don't have time to learn how to make time to solve the problem of running out of it. Time that is. Did I make myself clear?"

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