Saturday, June 4, 2011

Better View

"Why doesn't their famous 'free press' report these developments in sufficient detail?" she asked. 

It was a salient question. The important aspect from where they sat, the identification of a class of constraining management directives in the organizations that are responsible for media. Further, are the control mechanisms sufficiently visible to the consumers of said unidirectional messaging?

Stepping outside the usual channels, a whole new world appears. One that is decidedly less complex, less daunting, more hopeful. Why would channels form? Whose interest would they serve?

The free bi-directinal flow of information and organized deception are like oil and water. Not likely to occupy the same space for long. While the latter can hide, the former has a proliferation advantage once past the 'critical threshold of belief'.

"Blog search is down. Is it related?", he asked.

"I'll pass your question along."

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