Friday, June 3, 2011

Dependent Origination

"Virtually all lives have such bridges. Discovering and nurturing them makes one truly happy."

"But we were talking about common interest on this energy and well-being thing."

"I would suggest we still are."

"Some see what I mean."

More and more it seems that the label Deception Machine needs qualification.  But is that true? When exactly is manufactured misperception useful? To whom? Because informed conversation has become a quantum leap more convenient, the competitiveness of central 'control' has declined accordingly. This in turn has made a certain class of 'investors' uneasy.

The team and others are often confronted with nefarious conflation of that which stimulates productive imagination and deceiving efforts by some to exploit others. Most fiction being associated with the former while various classes of propaganda with the latter. It is compassionately useful to distinguish one from the other.

"When not afraid, people tend to think for themselves. We can't afford too many thinkers."

A provocative statement, to be sure. The fact that some see it as manipulation while others see it as facetious is testament to the auto-pilot syndrome addressed earlier in the log. Stealth is a fragile state. Count on it.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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