Friday, June 10, 2011

Science of Deception

... contains the map.
"To be frank, today's roundup suggests several opportunities to take the transition to the next level.

" Echo-1: Orchard Message.
  Echo-2: XL Signal.
  Echo-3: Inner Circle Retreat."

"I would add the growing evidence of the various subtle news cycle periodicities. Our more sophisticated decoding techniques are suggesting a high confidence in several."

The machine's 'gut feel' equivalent - suspicious pattern recognition. After installation of the first self-adapting system monitor, several members noticed the role of intuition driven speculation in improving feedback loops. Freely exchanging simulated and analog input showing the degree to which the two soup domains had achieved synchronicity.

"The adversary (competition) is way ahead of us in some strategic interchange areas. The sooner we acknowledge it and understand why it is so, the speedier our countermeasure deployment. Enhanced authentic conversational capability has got us back in the game. If we are to take control of the contest, we will need to fabricate new self-adapting tools. Dynamic Infiltrator Testing, among them."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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