Thursday, June 9, 2011

Emergent Presentation

"From time to time, the author pauses to reflect here on what has now become a two year long effort at understanding the current status of strategic communication as it applies to a wide variety of intellectual disciplines.

"The interest in the subject grew out of a recognition that something had fundamentally changed in human awareness in the last half century. It appeared at first to be a confluence of connectivity and resource depletion. Later, discovered causes seemed to have blended with effects suggesting something more was in what I have called the 'soup' than the usual ingredients.

"As the project grew, those who participated learned that much, if not most, of the 'action' was below conscious awareness both collectively and individually. Further, that while such has been forecast and studied by many in the 'analog' domain, a fascinating thing has been happening in the artifact domain as a result of recent digital and communications developments.

"Significant unexpected patterns started to emerge. Further they were an assembly of concepts for which no accepted 'language' had yet developed.

"With this short background, it is my intention to demonstrate some of what has been learned by opening up into a prototypical 'productive conversation' visible to the cloud.",

"First of all, let me define what I mean by that. For purposes of the following activity, I am defining it as a communicative interaction where one or more parties have changed there view as a result of said conversation. The exchange of useful information for the purpose of changing.

"Hopefully the change will be viewed in a positive light. Even a consensus that no movement occurred is, arguably, enlightening."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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