Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Hunt

Metaphor Prudence, metaphor.
"Where did their posts go? It is almost as if it is known that certain heretofore hidden areas are now being watched."

"Awesome functionality. If one or more dedicated analogs is controlling it, not so much."

"But what if the program is autonomous and updated frequently by analogs based on evolving monitor routines?"

"It is a fascinating continuum, the transition from fully autonomous to direct manual control. As is, sequencing and synchronicity etc. Building better artifacts on the latest and deepest understanding of biological self-referencing."

If this idea of identity-based relevance weighting to search results is intuitive, fine. If a more explicit interface is necessary, there is work to do. Teasing a non-descript inclination is not enough in an over-stimulated and/or signal-jammed world?

At some point the robust perception entity may have to yield abstract machine input to the hands-down winner in the  analog interface to digital domain technology. On some fronts, it has already begun. An orderly transition will likely serve the widest constituency.

"Its who you are not what you have."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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