Thursday, June 16, 2011

Total Information News

"Perception is reality." Said the marketing professional to his anonymous leader. "All else is moot. Your job is clear."

Poor Side Of Town
The rest of machine's presentation followed that familiar 'vertical' theme. It was decades ago and the society and its technology primitive by comparison to now. But the meme, instantly recognizable. The analogs, not so different over the intervening years. The communication artifacts, radically advanced.

Is the reptilian part of the human brain, stupid? It does not appear ignorant. And yet it has so much power when activated by certain real time circumstance. We should not forget - perceived circumstance.

The system monitor indicates the machine status. It does not explicitly state the sources for its abstract. To associate the teams' current task with this dump sure had all the markings of a message from the 'soup'.

"Is it just me or are we following an illusion of futility for the benefit of a few?" Her comment broke the ice. The inexplicable scramble to see imaginary voyeurs at every turn, to use intellectual flourish to shield's one's face from something appearing scary - as if instinctive.

Growing up takes many paths. Many indeed.

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