Thursday, June 2, 2011


Identity Based
"So, what happens if we consolidate the links on a single log entry?"

"The last time we tried it we did not know the significance of visual search."

Hint driven speculative patterns made possible with easily accessible, big data. "Person of interest" and false perception of such, how does one tease them apart reliably with the least possible resources?

Detection of deceptive collaborations might lead to productive discoveries. Not least among these, the intersection of hidden interests such as with players in financial and energy sectors or disrupting conversational freedom.

"Is illuminating an art show currently in the dark, creative?"

"If it involves more than a light switch, maybe. The art is triggering as much of the shared recognition as appropriate. We tell a story because sequential patterns involving the time dimension are meaningful to us. Our universal nemesis is the cessation of change."

"Ironic that we seek a static description of everything as if it were not a death wish to do so."

© 2011 Buzz HIll

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