Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where She Grew Up

North Dakota
Stumbled upon a small growing town where the Missouri and Yellowstone meet. My recent venture informs what catches my attention there.

You see, until recently I had not much reason to visit that part of our vast country.

"Is it really true we are led to believe we need something so that others continue to grow out-of-control? How much can it be worth? And to whom?

"It seems counter-intuitive to think when some humans no longer have to worry about "the wolves at the door", they become strangely obsessive. That control becomes a narcotic, clouding cognition and the basis of spreading purposely destructive memes."

Strange confluence - identity, bitumen, illusion manufacturing, golf and home nation building? And to imagine what would happen if a pipeline carrying toxic fluids were leaking under too much flood water? Maybe we have not yet reached Peak Fear.

All aboard, next stop Chicago. I miss Portland already, but there is work to do. A lot of  -- really fun -- work to do.

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