Sunday, June 12, 2011

November 27, 2000

"Wow, health care and financial too? Tax returns might reveal a lot if there is a reasonable suspicion that some law has been broken. Like RICO or national security … you can guess where I am going with this?"

Sexy beast?
"I'm no lawyer but I suspect its worth looking into. Motive seems at least plausible if not downright probable. Have we recovered the video yet?"

"I'll check. We started an automated search earlier this morning. We already have some preliminary results. If anything requiring our attention shows up, notifications will go out immediately."

At first the two big tasks consuming most of the teams effort and scheduled in response to external events seemed only distantly related. Then a team member jokingly suggested 'conspiracy theory and instantly virtually everyone started listening for the other shoe to drop.

"If those gizmos are so effective in North Africa and the Middle East and causing such a stir in Asia what about a few of these fifty states, like Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and so on?"

There is nothing like misapplied complacency as a deception strategy. Before the unsuspecting know it, its too late.

Engineers, think they are so clever. Secretly control THE infrastructure. Works until there is more than one infrastructure.

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