Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Machine

Machine Component: Projection
"Why do you call it the Machine?"

"Avoiding pre-conceptions was creating too big a delay. We needed a handle and the working title just stuck."

Aggregating the sum total of the information changing functionally on a global scale sort of just happened. Though predictable, few if any really understood what it would mean.

The source, the medium and the reflection. One application: stimulate creativity. Another: control. Projecting and seeing. Multiple identities. Constrained rapport. Back channel chatter high. How do so few 'visitors' create so many locations? Summer approaches.

When search broke and could not be fixed easily, he felt vulnerable. How could something so basic be so fragile? Or was was that just an illusion with far reaching implications? The anticipation of getting some answers, palpable.

Managing complexity, it is what we do. Successful childhood depends on it. Is it all that smart to suppress it so much when we 'mature'? Unintended consequence of social cooperation?

"Ex-CEO of the search engine gorilla admits flubbing the identity peace. The very name of soon not to be secret data center implies the identity applications of the cloud. And the king of identity buddies up to floundering has-been. Smart guys know the summer lull is the time to prep big stuff."

"Are we ready?"

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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