Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Leap Mantra

Obstacle: Widely held misperception that a self-directed citizen is incapable of influencing change even with cutting edge support within easy reach.

Disruptors have become very adept at thwarting a working understanding of the litany of evidence that suggests that a citizen does have reason to hope.

There, and soon, here.
In, Egypt for example, general fear in the population was overwhelmed by technology assisted world-wide conversation directly from Tahrir Square. The dictator had routinely used violence to control the collective voice of the people. But it yielded to the spontaneous expression of shared decency made possible by ... you know what.  How many times can it be said before people tune it out? Not yet, apparently.

Here in the US, armed and organized purveyors of fear have not reached the level seen in North Africa or the Middle East.  For that matter, not the level in China, either. Not even close.

Unless you consider organized deception an armament. Because if you do, then it can be argued that certain activity is more sophisticated and effective in this country than in any other. Further that power is routinely projected world wide much to the chagrin of 'old power.'

"Spontaneous Smart Mob. 1) Spontaneous so as to not let saboteurs have time to plan. 2) Smart - using instant interactive communication and live world-wide disclosure. 3) Mob - sufficient numbers to overwhelm detractor's conventional manipulation and fear tactics."

"Stopping THE Clock - as a demonstration. It would get the attention of those who could lead us to the promised freedom."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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