Friday, November 26, 2010

Breathing Conspiracy

"Losing their grip? So many rumblings of late point to something that should not be ignored. Does the leadership know? It is a matter of degrees, is it not?

Lets pretend ...
"Sedgewick, what do we really know about what goes on there? Surely more than Toto did. And to be honest, they were not even on the radar until just a few weeks ago. And I had been looking for names to fit profiles developed over a year long period. The idea that somebody is fabricating a theory for some kind of thrill is not supported by the documented history."

Only safe because without all the documents, those with a strong interest in secrecy cannot exercise their full remedial 'arsenal'. The cloud changes everything. Public key encryption, worldwide distribution of provisional assets, automatic trigger without periodic inhibit, supply side misinformation strategy and related countermeasures ...

Who's watching. Well, some we know, others not. Like friendly as the new powerful, shared awareness works far better for the interests of the many rather than the few. A few morally corrupt owners vs. almost everyone else.

Clooney could make a lot more doing shallow scripts on a big budget. He has honor instead. No wonder why the deep thought women admire him so much.

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