Monday, November 15, 2010

Preparation for Depth

That's not it.
"The entry is somewhat blind but, importantly, safe and more often than not at an angle where one is deflected or refracted back out. We have a minimal understanding of the dimension and other characteristics of the metaphorical stereo acceptance angle."

"That image, the one you have shown me several times, is a great representation of what you just described.  How can we get it?"

"I suspect strategic entropy is called for. I'll start looking for the content of the first volly."

How much of radiation theory actually applies here? That question seems less important than mapping at a conceptual level.  For example: The law of refraction is used to describe an optical phenomena but we are in a different domain, shared information. The phenomenal simularities are with regard to the consequence of preparatory choices in our current context.

Ibn Sahl
Our implements, as capable as they are, often come with undesired side effects such as obscuring a broad scope principle. The rationale then, for considering metaphor as a useful scientific and engineering tool is illustrated well with a new paradigm that includes an individual's approach to the cloud.

"Quantum tunneling the web from a node outside it ...'

With intention factored in, the game is changed dramatically. There is a perception of effort that is often misidentified with the subtle knowing intention that is likely obscured by the ego running a bit 'open loop'.

The efficacy of moving indoors, both literally and figuratively, comes more readily to those use to the necessary adaptation. A hostile outdoors kept at bay by a well designed cocoon requires designers that can anticipate based on a combination of what can be expected from history and what variance in it is reasonable.

Take a close look at the remnants of what comes directly from above. Note its symmetry. Conclude that the deepest is accessible from a precise aim at the center. Not so easy when the target's visible surface does not reveal where that center is. It can be derived though.

Deepest Penetration

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