Sunday, November 28, 2010

Need a New Drug

"The rising tide of friendly as the new powerful has caused a curious scrambling of the opposition. The value of deception, destruction and manipulation as tactics is in rapid decline. The danger is acts of desperation in the transition. We are blessed with leadership and tools in this precarious time, for which I am thankful."

Conflict seems to loom large with just a little over a month to the new year.  "Too much information." is heard often by those wishing that things would stay conveniently the same.  Others embrace change and revere its robust orderly advance as arguably best embodied in the double helix 'software' of life.

As abstraction engines, we human minds are constantly seeking the formulas for reality so that our limited analytical capacity can be allocated to anomalies. But the architecture, which often serves us well, has a vulnerability. The abstractions, for whatever reason, are sometimes inappropriately applied with disastrous outcomes.

Along comes a concept somewhere in our history of the notion of technology-assisted scalable friendship ...

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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