Thursday, November 25, 2010

Variation Not Too Far

"The broad application of balance? My thinking here is along the line of knowing how to define the optimal state in dynamic conditions.  When to rely on external sense and control and when to generate it internally.  Whether the transition should be abrupt or, more probably, gradual.

Within Expectation
"While externalizing cost based on spacial or other frozen time dimensions is an issue that is discussed at length the one to consider in this context is change in one or more dimensions over time. Time's near field measured in, say, fractions of seconds to minutes is much different than a far field of weeks to years."

She felt it and he analyzed it. The magic occurred when a substantive conversation between them occurred on the subject. The system monitor this morning was a fascinating mix of a caring paradigm based on matrix manipulation and understanding it on social terms. The setup may be just about perfect. They both could only feel it so far, though.

"Who is afraid of George Soros?"

"Where did that come from?"

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