Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Center of the Universe

__Its a magical place.
__Cosmic questions abound.
__And become better with each passing moment.
__Easily the most gorgeous women.
__The very best of friends.
__It is the center of the universe.
__Come on in.

Trouble was brewing. Little did he know. Inside jobs are like that. Contrast that with the joy of being connected organically. If you can. Sensing the difference is surely more than automatic. So automation alone is not enough. Dynamic balance in a rapid growth situation is necessary and challenging.But that, of course, is what we do best. Thriving on change, no surprise. Never been anything but human, but late at realizing it.

"Edge of the cliff to nearly airborne in such a short time, truly exhilarating. Yet you sensed it over a year ago/"

"Thats right. I was not sure but I sensed something was different", she shrugged her shoulders. Hard to know when to share one's visceral suspicions. Her eyes turned to his as she asked, "What is your next step?"

"Not sure yet. Perhaps on the return."

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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