Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friendly is the New Powerful

"Friendly is the new powerful. This should not come as a surprise as our artifacts become more lifelike. The success of life is based on many symbiotic relationships and synergistic activities. An intelligent transparency is an essential ingredient to sustained orderly change (life).

Watch the magic, decades later.
"To achieve the enhanced transparency that progress requires, we must mitigate accidental and intentional noise in the global connection system. As always, 'who decides' is central to success. Answering the question with the wealthy or powerful is just not up to the task anymore. Both are insulated by their own design from where the current solutions are likely to reside. Namely, with everyday people (a vast majority) that can use their agency to adapt to the nature-capped resources of our planet."

Though placing this revelation milestone precisely in history's timeline may be difficult, there is no question as to why it is relevant. The project, now over a year old, had been open for virtually anyone to see at anytime. But few did. The way to be heard was and is - organically. The thorough vetting organic methodology requires more time, especially in the beginning. But momentum builds exponentially on the reliable long-term foundations built from time-tested resources.

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