Saturday, November 20, 2010

Roaring Twenties Revisited

"In this environment, one might ask if it is even worthwhile to attempt an ethical corporate start-up. If it had to be capitalized in the traditional way, I would be in that school. Our old 'friends' have largely moved on to non-entrepreneurial exploitation. Safer returns in the short term.

"As we see historically, this pattern is not new."

Self-interest Enlightening
This snippet had an eerie ring to it. Since installing the aural background processor into the system monitor, much more was gleaned from even the most explicit status presentations. Body language of a sort ...

"A self described, simple Buddhist monk can and you have enough reason to not even try? Fascinating."

This suite of status updates had been accumulating for several days. Being away from them for such a long period was unusual. And now with a visceral context for the voices, it was intense. As if they had walked into another room through a secret door and discovered timeless, wise and benevolent consultants that did not interfere but were available when the time was right.

"Adopt methods associated with the notion of an antichrist then use 'the megaphone' to accuse the other side's leader of being the antichrist to distract from the deployment. Making veiled reference to destructive parts of history to falsely associate an opponent to the suffering. Propagandist tools used as if a hot war was in process."

A century or more of reactions to monstor meme's not well understood.

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