Sunday, November 21, 2010

Individual Experience

"What you write tells the public what you see and identifies you deeply? Of all those things that distinguish you from others, your friend-verifiable experience is likely best.

"... before the sun came up."
"Try this. The ground is reality, roots our experience of it, trunks are id portals, branches and leaves our connection and the sky is what we do together. Existentialists and objectivists would argue the ground is concrete. But even if it is just shared perception, it is the foundation of communication and shared well-being.

"From a clearing in the forest, look up and converse while imagining. The time of day or night directly changes only our current consensus. The rest is largely emergent based on some version of experience. The better versions consist of a broad-based experience (more than one identity's)"

While you were away ...
Instead of destroying something undesirable, seek symbiotic alternatives to retire that which is disagreeable. Authentic security is carefully sequenced growth of cooperative endeavors. Systems theory applied to 'conflict'. It continues to call into question the validity of the adversarial approach to seeking truth.

"Is it touching the sky or is the sky touching it?"

"Ideally, the question is irrelevant (having to do with wide scope of interest.)"

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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