Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Listen to the Echo

Wamsley Drift
"The other shoe will drop soon.

"Fortunately, we are listening in every direction, weighting the gain initially according to predicted relevance. The time interval is not yet known and won't be until the echo can no longer be distinguished from the ambient noise."

A series of declarations 'embellished' with more than a sprinkle of afflictive emotion. Not particularly compelling to some. How just one emotionally tinged interpretation can easily taint an otherwise cogent argument. Strategic communication in the interactive rich media age. Following rules alone is just not enough. But they are the basis of low entropy information exchange. Sweet spot elusive ... but worth the pursuit. 5-HT helps.

Living IN The Cloud
How does one destroy a cirrus or a cumulonimbus?  Why would one try? Perhaps to let the sun shine in and warm that which is too cold. How about shelter. If it is good they block the harmful effects of radiation would it not be effective for one to reside within?

It is a pattern one could argue applies to what otherwise would appear to be very disparate domains.


  1. America wants to know, Mr. Hill, who took that dramatic photo titled Wamsley Drift?

  2. The hint is in the title, anonymous. Pass it along to America. There will be more on the way. Meanwhile, Google "BuzzTheHill Wamsley" without the quotes and see what your get.