Sunday, November 14, 2010


"We have been outsmarted. The co-opted perception machine has more staying power than we estimated. In any other situation, it would be regarded as a national security threat requiring immediate action by the person in charge.

"Our primary allies providing the modern connectivity, neutral and empirical infrastructure may have been forced to automate too quickly.  The data so far would indicate that the competition's technical prowess was successfully hidden from our view."

A sobering assessment given the historical precedent for the consequences of such a situation. He felt uneasy and did not wish to hide it.  Arrogance, our old friend, nearly took us down, he thought.

"Yes, but we are talking  a larger scope and a different domain."

"We have been tracking the San Diego listening post and would have expected more activity. It may be that they have implemented a successful alias."

"Notify us as soon as you have something, even if you have to interrupt."

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