Friday, November 19, 2010


It seems obvious to us but we were especially surprised that the following need be said to so many, "If it is not a civil conversation it is not worth your time."

Now consider the concept of conversation. If it is limited to people that are paid by the same sponsor it will be civil ... and all but useless to anybody outside the conversation's participants and their sponsor. No consequence in the small private context, big consequence in a more public context. The potential for misbehavior very high.

It is not fun for one to hear that they have been duped. Unfortunate that it is easier for that person to think it is Ok that someone else has been duped? To revel in it seems very ... well ... anti-life. Further explicit extrapolation is not likely to be significantly more informative, so I will move on.

My fellow humans are not that stupid. Wake up you self-righteous 'educated' clowns. I am talking about you too.

For those of you not sleeping in class, my apologies. If you are offended when I raise my voice perhaps you can help your fellow students wake up and get in the game.

"Not worth the effort because they are stupid." Or not.

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