Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lift Off

Sweet Inspiration
"When we go in this time let's try your insight, as the anchor and see what happens."

"How should we name it then?"

"Good point. We may not even have a handle yet, just a serial number. Yet, I have to say, much of the trailing structure exists in ballistic form."


A way to view 'reality' is that it is shared experience. Physical 'laws' provide a foundation for us to communicate our awareness. Even before the physics are complete (yeah, like that'll happen), they are very useful in helping us improve our ability to connect.

An inordinate bias to the concept of reality is a common trap. Many who go there are competent and well intentioned but are subject to nefarious manipulation because of said bias. It is, perhaps, the biggest argument for a rapport with the soup and its reflection.

"What do you see in the magic mirror?"

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