Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Team Organic

First of all thank you all for your contributions. We will win.

Friendly Bridge
Owners, once coasting, make lousy thinkers. Something about the vulnerability of the ego.

What is so hard to understand? When one isolates because they can afford it they put distance between themselves and the unwashed. But traveling with the newly anointed successful to a decadent place is the ego's memory of entitlement.

While there, pangs of inequity guilt are mitigated by 'thinking', "I would not be here if I did not take care of others. I will stay here and advise the mainstream who I now elect to put at a distance. I can do it better with increasing luxury and less contact with non-rich people."

Discarded thought ... not
So, a warm invitation to come back. There is a lot of genuine smiles that await. They have the potential to give far more than anything money can buy. Happy holiday season.

© 2010 Buzz Hill

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