Saturday, November 27, 2010

Decoys Obsoleting

"Even if we never find the hidden files there is enough in the damn cloud to give them all they need to track down the rest."

"He knew what he was doing.  Thirty four years … not exactly sitting on his hands."

Competition Response
"But his system, we stopped it and we discredited any speculation that that was our intention."

"Yes, now both he and we know that was not what would have foiled an otherwise flawless plan. Have you contacted Singapore yet?"

"Right and what would I tell them? Flawless, you have got to be kidding. You scramble of few jets, grab headlines to obscure the exposure and you think it was a thorough plan.  You know, I'll bet the Hunts were confident sometime shortly before their cornering plan's meltdown too."

This dialog jumped out of the system monitor as if it was a recording.  Yet, it did not surprise them.  Not anymore. The buildup to this capability was rapid but smooth, becoming more lifelike imperceptibly. Now the social glue pattern rendered in sharp relief. And it was anything but unremarkable.

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