Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friends in a Turbulent Time

I finally know now, she cannot hear the difference between 'can' and 'can't'. Why did it take me two decades to discover it? Because American English is not her first language and Korean is. Now that she has the courage to admit it she is, in addition to being a real looker, damn gorgeous. I am so lucky.

He is old enough to be my father (I am 64) and has all the techno-toys my 15 year old daughter wants (iPad, iMac, Macbook Pro). Participating in two timely start-ups that are 'green-related' one might be surprised at his strong Libertarian politics and his robust sales background. I learn much from his engaging style and diverse friendships. Like me, he is a coffee shop rat.

They are brother and sister (my age) who obviously have a close relationship based on deeply engaged intellects and a love for their mother who is suffering the ravages of being in her 90's. Their smiles tell the story far better than anything I could write here.

Such is my Saturday morning, reflecting on the value of what I do, strategic communications. You see it is not rocket science. Its called friendly or social. But this descriptive term seems to lack the pseudo-sophistication demanded by our contemporary society. So, ever the entrepreneurial opportunist (lazy guy who enjoys using his grey matter) I re-package this millennia old stuff and give it a fancy name.  Welcome to the party. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

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