Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reply Pending

"You spoke of a silver lining. I would like to know what it is. Is that time now?"

"It will be the illuminating context promised only if it is disclosed when the time is right.  That will be within several days.  What I can tell you now is that things of this nature are not as they first seem. As we have discussed over the last several months, the echo best characterizes the signal AND its context.", she answered calmly.

Before It Begins
The high frequency stuff is as likely to be misleading as it is informative. To measure the energy consumed with rapidly changing data incorrectly leads one to believe that a perspective of lasting value must necessarily follow bursts of energy.  In fact, it just reinforces the obvious, the tide responds not to the winds of weather.

But the ocean currents and that which rides the waves, is a different matter altogether. To define the competition by the opponent's framework is less than optimal. Is it not? If the real competition is with just a few, would not a strategy of engagement with those few rather than an array of minions make more sense?

Offsetting military style subjugation with overpowering numbers requires those wise and compassionate to understand how they dynamically relate to each other and scale in response to their collective external challenge.

"So you are saying, in effect ..."

She raised one finger to interrupt ... the silence was her proxy.

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