Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overreach Worked

Said with a sneer, again. It really helped persist the useless fake dialog for the benefit of the clueless and a righteously-offended accidental audience. So why engage in such banter? Maybe this snippet will explain:

"... what other choice is there, then?"

"A less corrupt union."

It was a good time for the conversation to end. Sometimes getting to an agreement seemed to be more work than it was worth. Zoomed out, maybe not so much. The infighting was beginning to show just how much they had been outfoxed. With a chuckle he pulled up his chair to once again get in the game.

Much faster now ...
Downright exhilarating - the legend of life cycles in ancient wisdom playing out before their eyes.  We know, but suppress long existing code that makes sense of them.  Passed down through aural traditions in hopes that such thoughts would re-emerge when needed. Rhythms and other forms of music helped develop grooves to last many generations. Graphic symbols, many a medium too.

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