Saturday, November 13, 2010

Collaborative Plan - Oregon

The plan is to leave today. Vehicle range not quite enough to travel to Prineville, then to The Dalles and back to Portland without stopping for recharge. Sustained bandwidth will support video chat the entire distance. Remote manual assist of the trip also doable. The conference will begin early AM and continue into the evening. Live feed will be provided for media outlets that choose to participate.

One subject to be added to the agenda is low-cost, self-sufficient, luxury homes for rural knowledge workers. Some of the same technology that makes data centers cost-effective in rural NW  locations can make opulent living at low-cost possible. The short presentation I heard at the coffee shop yesterday was impressive. Every critical thing needed is off-the-shelf.

"Not much better times than these to make fundamental changes, now that populist movements can be so deeply informed and participative. Motivation is ignition. Our road trip key."

"I know what you mean. Will they?"

"You would not ask if we were ready for prime time. Are we close though?"

"I think so."

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