Thursday, December 24, 2009


Before the caffeine has kicked in or the coffee is still percolating? So much good stuff in the in-basket. Potential subjects abound. Its Christmas Eve for God's sake. Looking up from the screen, just noticed the sun shining too. Still, struggling to squeeze out a paragraph or two.

"Stand back", a great lyric from Steam - Peter Gabriel. So is it writing that gets the train in motion? No, thats for the trailer. Maybe babes? Too abstract, primitive, primal and FUN! Pull a string or two? A connection as it were.

What about the connection on this sunny Christmas Eve morning? The council appears heuristic and unstoppable. The secret sauce? Connection worthy of consideration, I suspect. Both quantity and quality. Quantity so nothing is missed - neural pruning will clean up afterward. And quality because the vetting process can improve over a lifetime and perhaps beyond.

Sentence fragments rather than paragraphs or anything between. Why not? All need be considered in context. To make it manageable, get to know the neighbors (not just the goegraphic ones - though a good place to start).

Dimensions abstracted ... a prescription for derailment unless the engineer is in the right frame of mind. A very large frame indeed.

Must be time to mow the lawn. "System UI to standby"

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